The following pictures are from Kathy Knox Miller.  Captions are from her viewpoint.

Dad at the piano (Robert Edward Knox, born December 9, 1922)

This is my older brother, Robert James Knox, at graduation. He was born in 1943.

Dad and me in 1965... when Polaroids were new.

This was Golden Hope at about 16 years on the porch of her home
in Talpa with her mother, Mary Elizabeth (Walker) McMahan,
who wrote a column for a local paper called something like the "Democrat Voice."

Bob and Mary Knox 1940

Golden Hope 16

Katherine Knox Smith

Mumu and Grand kids

Robert Knox kids in 1956

Wade Knox at graduation

Oldest Knox children: Wade, Katherine and Mac (L to R)

Family in Erie, Colorado in 1929 from a small snapshot

Erie, Colorado Home in 1930 ... the year of the census and Phillip’s death

Golden Hope McMahan at the age of 16 in a hat. Notice very blue eyes.

Golden Hope in her later years in her beloved garden.